We built the orphanage in Gachoka, a rural area in sub-Saharan Kenya, near the small but active city of Embu, about 2 hours northeast of Nairobi. The people of Gachoka are friendly and easy-going and have a deep faith in God. 

We were blessed to find eleven acres of land located on the only paved road in the area, where we built the first buildings of the orphanage. It is easy for the children to walk to school because of the pavement and the proximity of two good schools.  Most of Mbeere is without water or electricity, but we have, by the Grace of God, found a piece of land with easy access to both, and now we've created a home for our lovely children.  



We believe in second chances.  We are here to transform the lives of children who lost their parents to AIDs by giving them a new place to call home. 



The organization is made up of men and women deeply committed to helping the poor of the world. There are two boards, one in Kenya and one in Boston. All board members are volunteers on both sides of the world.  Our mission is to continue to expand our orphanage in Gachoka, Kenya, for children who have lost their parents to AIDS.  We desire to bring comfort to more suffering children so they may heal, and to nurture them with love and compassion. 

Our hope is that through our example, they will learn a love and a tolerance for the new family they will find at An Orphan’s Dream orphanage.  We help our children develop self-esteem and eventually self-realization by teaching them skills that will develop their talents, both practical and creative. In general, we hope that when they leave us, they will be healthy, loving human beings, who are willing to sacrifice for the good of others.



our philosophy

We did not build dormitories, which have become the stereotype of the institutional orphanage. It is for this same reason that we do not feed the children in a common dining room, except for our Sunday evening meal that we all eat together in the dining room.

Instead, we followed the SOS Village prototype of a neighborhood of homes run by one parent -- ”Mom.” She is responsible for everything in her home, just as close to normal as an orphanage can be. In this way, our dear orphans never have to say, "I grew up in an institution."

He or she can say, “My mom and all of us in our family are Kikuyu, and my next door neighbors are Mbeere.” In this way, our orphans, who had their identities stolen from them by the death of their parents, still grow up with a tribal identity as well as a sense of belonging to a real family, having brothers and sisters, an aunt and a mother, at the very least. They also find a sense of identity and fellowship in a larger sense within the An Orphan’s Dream community.



our current board members


Paul Maringa

Virginia Burbank

Caroline Muriithi

Dianah Maringa

Moses Mwangi



Symon Peter Maringa, President

Daniel Gibson, Vice President

Bob Ernst, Treasurer

Julie Berberan, Assistant Treasurer

Lynn Gibson, Secretary