How long we have waited for Elijah to come!! He is such a darling little boy of 5 years old, and he has suffered so much in his young life. His uncle has nearly destroyed the boy by beating him daily with a pipe. I personally have cleaned and bandaged his wounds which were so horrible that they looked like miniature volcanic eruptions. But Elijah smiled at me as I bandaged him up. He was thinking that his Auntie might leave him here with us. He wanted to be protected by all of us at OASIS OF PEACE. He felt so safe here.

Elijah wanted so badly to go to school, but the uncle refused to pay for his tuition. So Elijah spent the day at home living in fear. He never had a moment's peace while his uncle was in the house. To make matters worse, his Auntie was too afraid to confront her husband and save the child from those cruel beatings. The Auntie brought Elijah to OASIS asking us to try to convince her husband to sign Elijah over to us. But there didn't seem to be much hope. I took it to my prayer closet, and cried out to God to save this child, and allow us to be the instruments who bring healing into his soul. Time passed, and finally God moved the uncle to sign Elijah over to us. My heart swelled with joy and gratitude, and as I praise Him at this very moment, Elijah is asleep here at OASIS OF PEACE free from fear in his new little bed.

Then I thought, "Where are we going to find a sponsor for Elijah? I whispered a prayer and in no time at all, six beautiful people of America from in my church in Quincy all decided to pitch in and sponsor precious Elijah and save him from those vicious beatings, and make it possible for him to go to school with our children. How can I thank Annie, Eileen, Pam, Arlene, Leo, and Debbie from Eccoa Church in North Quincy for their kindness ? Thank you all. I love you guys. I really do.

A word about the drug that Elijah's uncle is taking: It is destroying our village. The drug is called miraa, and it causes a person to go mad. The male child in Gachoka is in peril, because he quits school in the 8th grade to grow this drug. At our local school, there are twenty girls in the 8th grade, and only one boy. The boys are so impressed with the financial potential of growing this drug that they leave all dreams of an education behind. Miraa brings in so much money that the young boys always have money in their pockets and can easily afford to drink beer as well. Miraa deadens the male user's desire to engage in sexual activity; therefore, there are very few children being born in this area, and almost no marriages. In our church we pray for God to bring Holy Matrimony back to Gachoka, a village who always had put God first.

I'd like to end this newsletter on a positive note: What could be more positive than announcing to you that Elijah is happy now. He no longer lives in fear, and he can hardly wait to go off to school with the other children at 6am every morning. He is relaxing with all of us more and more each day, and his joy and relief make us realize that this is a mighty ministry dedicated to saving children from desperately lonely and painful lives. Praise His Holy Name!!


WE STILL NEED $20/month more to complete Kariuki's sponsorship. We need $100/month more for Risper. We also need $50 /month more for Mary Kagendo, and $100/.month more for Flavian. Some of our sponsors had to withdraw. Thank you so much. Contact me if you wish to sponsor one of the children above.

May you find yourselves standing under an open Heaven.

Let the blessings pour down upon you like rain...... Let it rain!!!!!

Gigi (Virginia) Founder and Director of OASIS OF PEACE VILLAGE, Kenya, Africa.

If you would like to look into our sponsorship program, e-mail our Chairman, Symon Maringa,, and he will set you up to sponsor either one of the children you wish.

To send a tax-deductible donation, kindly send it to "An Orphan's Dream, Inc." Box 692727, Quincy, MA 02269.

Checks can be sent to: An Orphan's Dream, P.O. Box 692727, Quincy, Ma. 02269

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