To America, The world's most generous people,

Ten new children from the bush will arrive here on April 13th. Out of the ten, five are already sponsored.

The photos below are of orphans that have not yet been sponsored.

Please ask The Lord if he wants you to sponsor one of them. We ask for help between $20/mo and
the full sponsorship amount of $150/mo (which includes school tuition).  We really need you to sponsor one of these children. 

If you would like to look into our sponsorship program, e-mail our founder Virginia Burbank at

Thank you,

The Twins

Benson and Euphraith. Benson is a bit doubtful about his future as you see in the photo,  but Euphraith is very positive and cheerful. May they both glow with happiness as they enter the Oasis of Peace Orphanage.  

Neither child is sponsored yet. Full sponsorship of each child will cost $150/mo if you wish to include school tuition.




Alex is a wonderful little boy. He is a bit perplexed right now, not knowing what to expect from us as people who offer him a new place to live, good food, and school tuition paid for. Very soon he will see that his future will be a good one living in our beautiful orphanage.






Franklin is a boy of 6 whose dad died. Shortly after the death of his father his mother abandoned him. We pray that his joy will be restored and that God will erase all of his sad memories. He is fully sponsored by Terry and Jack Murphy from Quincy MA.


The oldest of the four abandoned children who now takes care of the other three, including her little brother Promise who has epileptic seizures. Joyce is fully sponsored by Amy Cueva from Mad*Pow who now sponsors 6 children. Lord, bless Amy and all of the other dear sponsors.


Has a delightful personality and I know that she will be very happy living with us at Oasis. She is politely curious, wanting to know why I am all white and not black like her. She had never seen a white person in her life. Priscilla is fully sponsored by Ann, Eileen, Arlene, Leo, Deb, Pam, Paul, Owen and Jackie.


A cute little boy of 6 who is one of the four children abandoned in one family. He is fully sponsored by Amy Cueva from Mad*Pow. He has never been to the doctor for his epilepsy; therefore, he takes no meds.  We plan to bring him to a specialist from Nairobi as soon as he arrives.


A frightened boy of 6 who came in from playing about 6 months ago to find his mother hanging from the ceiling. She had committed suicide and left him alone. We ask God to put a smile on his little face and to let him forget that dreadful memory. He is partially sponsored by Donna Nelson, Carol Smith, Margarita Poles, and Patrick Heubert.

Welcome children to your new home!
It will be an oasis of peace for you.
You will find love and peace here.
Come ! Come! Come! Oasis loves you.
Jesus lives here, and you will be blessed by him. 
No more hunger. No more loneliness.
No more poverty. Just come. 
Soon: a smile on those little worried faces. 
Come! Come! Come! Oasis loves you.

Jesus loves you and I do too, 
- Grammy Burbank  


If you would like to look into our sponsorship program, e-mail our Founder, Virginia Burbank,, and she will set you up to sponsor either one of the children you wish.

To send a tax-deductible donation, kindly send it to "An Orphan's Dream, Inc." Box 692727, Quincy, MA 02269.

Checks can be sent to: An Orphan's Dream, P.O. Box 692727, Quincy, Ma. 02269

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