The children here in Gachoka, Kenya have so much fun during harvest time! What looks like work turns out to be fun!!!!

In Sub-Sahara Kenya, where we live, there are two growing seasons for those farmers who do not have irrigation. Our OASIS Farm is blessed with irrigation emanating from two huge dams which give us three growing seasons. Because our children and staff eat 2500 meals a month, consisting of corn, corn flour, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit, we use one whole acre to grow corn only. The other acre is used to grow beans, cow peas, green grams, kale, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. All of the food is consumed by the children and the staff. We sell very little at the marketplace. We have decided that we would hold back on planting watermelon this season because the price has skyrocketed. We also have over 100 banana trees and 100 papaya trees so the children can have a banana for breakfast and papaya for dessert at dinner. Three growing seasons yield about 10,000 lbs. of maize.

We ask God to bless the person who supplied us with the funds to dig those two voluminous dams. Without them we would be in great need. Not only that, but both dams are filled with fish which we hope will be our greatest source of income. At present the larger dam has approximately 25,000 tilapia and the smaller dam has at least 15,000 tilapia. We are in the process of planning an outdoor restaurant serving tilapia and ugali. This will help us pay our bills. We will need $10,000 to set it up. God will provide. Receive God's abundant blessings for caring so much about God's precious orphans. In the Eyes of our Heavenly Father it is "an act of worship".


WE STILL NEED $20/month more to complete Kariuki's sponsorship. We need $100/month more for Risper. We also need $50 /month more for Mary Kagendo, and $100/.month more for Flavian. Some of our sponsors had to withdraw. Thank you so much. Contact me if you wish to sponsor one of the children above.

May you find yourselves standing under an open Heaven.

Let the blessings pour down upon you like rain...... Let it rain!!!!!

Gigi (Virginia) Founder and Director of OASIS OF PEACE VILLAGE, Kenya, Africa.


If you would like to look into our sponsorship program, e-mail our Chairman, Symon Maringa,, and he will set you up to sponsor either one of the children you wish.

To send a tax-deductible donation, kindly send it to "An Orphan's Dream, Inc." Box 692727, Quincy, MA 02269.

Checks can be sent to: An Orphan's Dream, P.O. Box 692727, Quincy, Ma. 02269