The AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa is the most serious in the world, accounting for nearly 70% of the global numbers of people with HIV, and 70% of all AIDS deaths in 2011. 

To date, more than 11 million children have already been orphaned directly as a result of the epidemic, and the widespread social and economic consequences of the crisis have contributed to the orphaning of an additional 23 million children.  






Born on November 7, 2006. Abraham is a HIV victim. He is an amazing boy who loves to be in control of everyone’s business, has improved amazingly (health-wise) and now does quite well in school. He can read English and Kiswahili fluently; everyone loves him and he is always remembered in our evening prayers. We are trusting God for his health.


Born on August 16, 2005. Alex's mother, Nicera, who was not married, hanged herself due to poverty since she could not raise Alex with the standards she loved. Alex has had tough moments living with his elderly grandparents. He is a boy of few words and has good morals. He is doing fairly well in school. He loves church and likes to pray.


Born on July 27, 2003. This is an amazing girl full of smiles and ideas. Anastasia is moving along so well academically that she has found herself at the top of her class. Until she joined us, she lived with her grandparents who never cared much about her. Her background has been a stepping stone for her as she argues and her star seems to be brightening day by day.


Born on February 1, 2008.  Ann is twin sister of Purity Wanja. This little cute girl joined us after the death of their mother, who drowned in the river washing clothes, due to seizures of epilepsy. Ann is a humble girl at peace with everyone. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, is doing well in school, and loves to be at Oasis.


Born on December 31, 1999. Ann Rose is a well-groomed lady who always wants to look good. She is in high school performing fairly well. Thanks to Uncle Paul who has tirelessly been so helpful to her in her academic and social life guidance.


Born on March 6, 2008. Benson is twin brother of Euphraith Muthoni. Their mother died a few hours after they were born.  At the tender age of 3 months, Benson and his sister were taken by the children welfare of Kenya which took good care of them until they were six years old. The welfare department could not continue keeping Benson and his sister, so Benson and the sister were taken back to their grandmother. Most of the days they slept without food, until Oasis came to their rescue. Benson is a fun boy who likes dancing and singing and is doing well in school. He can speak Kiswahili and bit of English.


Born on October 15, 1999. What a change has come over this boy! Brian has been through a lot in his life, including physical abuse from his aunt. He could not smile or even change his expression, but now that’s a forgotten story. He is doing amazingly well in school and here at Oasis. His spiritual leadership blended with his sense of humor blows us out of the water.



Born on June 28, 2008. Crispin's mother, Joyce, suffered from depression and ultimately took her own life. It has been so hard for Crispin after seeing his mother die. Crispin is a quiet boy and he likes doing things his way. He is a very shy but bright pupil in school. He has been living with his grandparents. The boy has been through a great deal of difficulty in his life.



Born on November 18, 2008. A very energetic boy, David is cool and at peace with everyone. He loves sleep so much but is very smart in class. When David is not sleeping he loves to press buttons that mess up our mechanical things, especially our cell phones! He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.



Born on February 1, 2006. Doing tremendously well, Esther likes being in everybody’s business and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She is doing well in school. Esther does not like anyone interfering with her business due to her very secretive nature but she is playful.



Born on March 6, 2008. Euphraith is twin sister to Benson. She is a lovely girl who is very obedient as well as highly attentive in church and school. She seems to be very shy but when you spend time with her she is very open and affectionate. She has a strong character for her age and soon she will be one of our model children.


Born on October 22, 2001. This boy has really changed since he came to Oasis. At first, Flavian seemed to be lonely and thinking about his auntie so much, but now, he is doing excellent in school, makes friends easily and is accepted by everyone. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He feels that Oasis is the best place one can be.


8 years old. Franklin's father, Musyoka, died after a short illness. Immediately after the death, his mother disappeared, leaving Franklin with his grandmother. He is very pleasant and polite, but he is behind in school; his lack of schooling was as a result of spending most of the school time grazing his grandmother’s goat so that she could find food for the day as a casual laborer in the neighborhood.


Born on June 16, 2006. Gift's great personality and affectionate nature has captured every one of us. She comes from a very impoverished background, yet her grandparents gave her a great deal of love and care until they became too old to take care of her. Her teachers are very impressed with her eagerness to learn. When Gift comes home from school, after changing out of her uniform, she heads for the homework table and begins her work in great eagerness. Nothing seems to distract her as she fill up the pages of her little homework notebook. Gift wants to be a doctor when she grows up.


Born on July 25, 2002. Joyce is a beautiful girl and has a big smile but shy when expressing herself. She is sister to Mercy, Promise and Priscilla who are also with us at Oasis. She is fluent in Kiswahili and has a demeanor that one could hardly believe, as she comes from a home of great poverty and lack of education. Joyce had rough moments at a tender age when she fell victim to her mother’s fight with her boyfriend and she was hit with an object, thus attaining a deep dent on her forehead.


Born on June 11, 2006. Kelvin is a big boy with a big smile, who likes eating and wrestling with friends but is very careful not to hurt them.  He likes eating so much that he does not socialize at the table: he just cleans his plate. He does well in school- always at position 1 or 2, he has his unique way of getting things done. Kelvin is always smart in whatever he does.


Born on July 13, 2001. Linda is a wonderful girl. She wants to be an accountant. This year, she completed her primary education and now she is looking forward to joining high school in 2015. Linda is helpful to the mother and likes kitchen work. She always likes leading the evening prayers.


Born on December 22, 1998. Lucky is amazing at soccer, very pleasant, mild, and even tempered. He also likes playing keyboard. Lucky is doing well in school. He is obedient and willing to apologize when he does wrong, which has made him the most disciplined teenager at Oasis. We love him so much due to his ability to control every action of the children in the absence of an adult. He is a very responsible young leader.


Born on September 6, 2000. Magdalene joined us after escaping her grandparents, who would not give her a chance to attend school.  She was abandoned by her mother at the age of 3 months. She was put in a cardboard box and left in the bush where she was saved by the villagers fetching firewood. They took baby Magdalene to the police station where she was reunited with her grandparents until she came to us. At first, Magdalene was shy and hardly talked to other children, but she has completely changed and is talkative and loved by everyone. Last term, she was the most improved pupil in school. 


Born on January 8, 2006. His parents died of AIDS, and since then Mark has been living with his elderly grandparents, who are very poor. Mark is an outgoing and obedient boy. Despite the life challenges due to poverty, he likes volunteer work, helping the mothers, and he is always at peace with everyone. Mark does not do very well in school but since our tutor scheduled him some time for review he is showing signs of improvement.


Born on July 4, 2002. Mary has such a refined, ladylike demeanor that one could hardly believe she came from a home of such great poverty, want and lack of education. Mary is doing amazingly well in school. Her teachers are always complimenting her improvement. 


Born on July 30, 2008. Mercy is sister to Priscilla, Daina and Promise. She is a beautiful girl with a big smile, and is loving and caring to her brother, Promise, who is epileptic. When her brother experiences seizures due to epilepsy, she holds him so that he cannot hurt himself. It’s such a touching experience for such a small girl. She is the youngest and everyone loves her and wants to hold her.


Born on February 9, 2005. Priscilla has captivated all of us with her great personality and affectionate nature. She comes from a very poor family. After the death of her mother Beatrice, Pricilla was living with a great-grandmother. She does not do very well in school but we have high hopes. Our tutor is making an effort to ensure that Priscilla performs well.


Born on May 25, 2006. Promise comes from a family of 4 siblings who are also with us at Oasis of Peace. Their mother, Beatrice, died after a short illness. The boy had not joined school because their great-grandmother with whom they were living with could not afford the school fees, and argued that the boy was sick. When we took the boy in, we discovered that he was epileptic and malnourished. Currently he is taking medication and eating a good diet. He has not gone to school yet since we wanted to observe him keenly. Promise cannot talk fluently due to brain damage by the disease, but the doctor recommends consistent medication for him to stabilize.


Born on February 1, 2008. Purity is the twin sister of Ann Njoki. A lovely girl, she likes doing her own things and also likes to be with the big girls listening to what they say. She is doing well in school and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She loves to be at Oasis.


Born on May 22, 2001. Risper is sister to Ann Rose, and is an amazing girl with an ability to speak fluent Kiswahili and English. Since she joined us she has been into everything, including everybody’s business. She is our lovely busy body and is delightful. Risper is now going for the top mark in her class and this, to the other kids, has been a source of motivation.


Born on June 21, 2001. Wincate has grown to be a beautiful girl, always with a big smile, but shy. She enjoys being at Oasis very much and she has always given a helping hand to the mothers and fellow children. Next year, she will be in grade six, having graduated with very high marks.